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Orange County Tree Experts Receives A New Website From Home Service Direct In Five Days

by | May 5, 2022 | Tree Services

We approached Home Service Direct a week ago looking for a new tree service website. We wanted to get the website soonest possible. Home Service Direct fulfilled our expectations and delivered the website 5 days later. Despite working under too much pressure, they built a full-featured and high-quality website.

Some of the features that made the website outstanding are outlined below.

Easy To Place Tree Service Request Online

Homeowners can now easily place an order using the newly launched website. Our clients will not have to visit our offices to place their tree service orders. They can do it in the comfort of their homes or from anywhere. All they need is a good internet connection to open our new website, fill in some simple details—like name, required tree service, contact details—then submit and it is done.

There before homeowners had to come to our offices for any services. By launching this new website, we will save our clients from wasting time coming to the offices, wasting a lot of money on transport as well as getting tired. We hope this will attract more clients to order our services.

The Website Has High Loading Speed

Within three seconds the website is fully loaded. Nobody is ready to waste time waiting for a website to load. The time wasted would otherwise have been used to do other constructive things.

Home Service Direct understood that a slow-loading website would have made homeowners quit using the website. The high loading speed will help us get more bookings.

Has A Good Responsive  Design

The newly launched website can be accessed by both mobile devices and desktop computers. We are in an era where most people use mobile devices or rather phones to browse. Developing a website only accessible to those with desktop computers would have made us lose a lot of potential customers.

Home Service Direct also considered the fact that desktop computers are not easily portable. You do not have to wait till you get anywhere near a desktop computer.

You have your mobile phone with you and the best part is that the experience is completely the same as that of using a desktop computer. The website adapts depending on screen size but all the important features are displayed well.

The New Website Is Easy To Use

The website has obvious, logical navigation with a clear hierarchy. It also has a User Experience (UX) that helps the web visitors to use, understand and stay on our website.

People visiting the website are always in a hurry and if they cannot easily use the website saving them time, they will bounce from the website. Home Service Direct understood this and made it even easier by introducing a feature that allowed visitors to automatically fill in the forms using pre-typed responses.

The Website Is 100% Secure From Hackers

Our new website has very high security. It has an SSL certificate that encrypts information preventing third parties from accessing it.  This means that our clients do not have to worry about the private information they share with us on our new website.

The website also has a very strong password. The hackers cannot access our website no matter what they try to do.

Email Collection

The new website allows us to collect and keep emails of our potential customers. With the emails, we can do a quick follow-up on how their trees are fairing. We can also tell if the customers were fully satisfied.

Through the emails, we can also ask the clients what they want us to change. Afterward, we use the information provided to better our services.

Email communication with our clients will help us to retain them. Also, when we build a good engagement with our clients, they will be happy and introduce more clients to our company.

Overall, the website was built in a very short period but Home Service Direct delivered a website with all the required features. The website can now be used by all homeowners in need of any tree service. We are now looking forward to receiving more bookings on our new website.

To get the best tree service lead generation services and tree services company advertising campaigns, communicate with Home Service Direct via [email protected] and (833) 827-4425.

To improve your trees, place your tree service order on our new website Orangecountytreeexperts.com

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