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Trim or Remove Trees & Shrubs

by | Feb 26, 2019 | Tree Services

If you have trees and shrubs in your home, you would want the plants to improve the curb appeal. Without regular trimming and removing shrubs and trees which have reached their genetic potential, retaining a great-looking home may not be possible.

To trim or remove trees shrubs, you will have to spend varying amounts of money, depending on the tree/shrub requirements. Below, we will look at some of the factors affecting the money you need to pay tree service providers to trim or remove trees shrubs.

Factors That Tree Service Providers Consider When Deciding the Tree Trimming/Removal Cost

1.    Tree/Shrub Type

You will have to spend varying amounts of money on the removal of different types of trees and shrubs. This is understandable considering that different plants feature different root systems. To remove trees shrubs featuring complicated root systems, you will obviously have to spend more money.

Some shrubs will have more foliage than others. These shrubs will force you to spend more money on the trimming. Tree service providers should offer a good cost estimate after inspecting your trees/shrubs.

2.    Tree Height

If your trees/shrubs are taller than average, the tree service provider will have to use some special tools to remove/trim the plants without causing any harm to your property or utilities. This indicates that to remove trees shrubs whose height exceeds the average, you may need to spend more money when compared to removing shorter trees.

3.    Power Lines

Extra effort is needed to remove trees shrubs which have grown close to the power lines. Trimming the trees/shrubs will involve roping down the branches. This means that power lines can increase the maintenance cost of trees and shrubs.

4.    Felled Wood

The amount of wood you get from one tree will depend on how big the tree is. You should expect more wood from larger trees. The company handling the tree trimming may be willing to help you get rid of the felled wood for free if the job is small.

If the job is bigger, you may opt to turn the felled wood into firewood. If this is your goal, you may have to spend additional money on the cutting and splitting. If you decide to split the wood yourself, you should be able to avoid paying cutting and splitting costs.

Stump Grinding/Removal

After you remove trees shrubs, you will still be left with the stump on your property. Stumps can turn into hazards, especially after being covered by overgrowths. You can opt to get rid of the tree stump through either grinding or complete removal. Grinding, when compared to complete removal, is more affordable. Unless there is a major reason that forces homeowners to remove the tree stump completely, most property owners find stump grinding more appealing.

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